5th Birthday
  I still need to fill the gaps in here, both before the 5th birthday and after the 5th birthday. I will get around to this eventually, so many photos to look through to find the missing years.

8th Birthday

Gift: A remote control cruise boat. Used many times in Port Sunlight boating pool, providing hours of fun.

9th Birthday

Gift: A gold belcher neck chain and a gold cygnet ring with a black onyx stone. This was to be his first Dad's last birthday with us. So we wanted to buy something to keep. More like a 16th or 18th birthday present

10th Birthday

Gift: A mobile phone. Sent his first text message on 16th August 2003 to Mum's mobile phone. He didn't know how to use spaces. So the message which I still have on my phone, reads like this.


11th Birthday

Gift: I don't think there was one main present this year. It was the year he was starting at the Grammar School, so rugby items were high on the gift list.

12th Birthday!


Gift: An electric guitar

13th Birthday!


Gift: An electric drum set