About Me

Photograph taken in the Canadian Rockies 2004

Born in 1965 I live in the North West of England in a town called Bromborough which is located on a Peninsula called The Wirral.

The Wirral Peninsula is about 20 miles from Liverpool and 7 miles from Chester.

I work with Computers, Electronics and Industrial Instrumentation - my hobbies include Travel, Photography and Genealogy.

I have always had an interest in Computers in both work and as a Hobby. I first stumbled on the Internet in October 1996. Since then I have met quite a few friends here and use the Internet for keeping in touch with some of my friends that I have met on my travels around the world, also for my University Studies and when that's all finished to get back to my research into my Family Tree.

I got married on my 40th birthday in February 2005, wedding photos can be found here



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