This troubled yet enchanting country nestles between Thailand to the West and Vietnam to the East.

Cambodia is host to the World Heritage site of Angkor. This huge temple complex has the world famous Angkor Wat Temple complex at its centre.

In stark contrast Cambodia is associated with death and the mass genocide that Pol Pot tried to carry out in the 1970's. Just a little over 20 years ago this dictator tried to massacre his population and succeeded in killing over 3.5 million of its 7 million population during his Khmer Rouge uprising. The killing fields of Cambodia is a haunting and horrific legacy and a reminder of how absolute power can corrupt absolutely. We must never forget how this horrific dictator nearly wiped out an entire nation.

The Khmer Rouge has been deposed but this country still sees its members entrenched in Cambodia's corrupt government and faltering economy.


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The Killing Fields

Images in the next sequence of photographs were taken at the killing fields memorial and one of the detention centres near Phnom Penn in Cambodia.

Depicting an horrific chapter in the history of this country that the survivors wish not to be forgotten


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