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In 1974 a peasant farmer was digging a new well and he discovered perhaps the major archaeological find of the century. In an underground vault of earth and timber were thousands of life size Terracotta Warriors and their Horses in battle formation.

In 1976 two smaller vaults were also found close to the first one.

The first vault measures 210m east to west and 60m from north to south. The pit depth is 5m - 7m. Walls were built running east to west at intervals of 3m, forming corridors. In these corridors, on floors laid with gray brick are arranged the Terracotta figures. Pillars and beams once supported a roof. 6000 terracotta figures of warriors and horses face east in a rectangular battle array. The vanguard appears to be three rows of 210 crossbow and longbow bearers who stand at the eastern most end of the Army.

In the second vault there are over 1000 figures and the third vault contains only 68 figures.


Terracotta Warriors